जनसँख्या नियंत्रण कानून के लिए भारत बचाओ महारथ यात्रा के आगामी कार्यक्रम....           जनसँख्या नियंत्रण कानून के लिए भारत बचाओ महारथ यात्रा के तत्वाधान में विशाल जनसभा दिनांक : 18 फरवरी 2018 रविवार - ब्राम्हण सभा परेड ग्राउंड जम्मू शहर समय 10 बजे से सम्पर्क 9419109424, 9540391838            दिनांक : 18 फरवरी 2018 रविवार स्थान : दुर्गियाना मंदिर अमृतसर पंजाब समय 8 बजे शाम सम्पर्क 9888799688       चीजे खुद नहीं होती है, उन्हें करना पड़ता है .....
Sudarshan Rastra Nirman

Population Control Law: Last Effort to Save our Country

Rashtra Nirmana Sangathana organises


                 ‘Bharat Bachao Maha Rath Yatra’                   

     ‘Hum Do Humare Do Toh Sabke Do’

The country's unity, integrity, sovereignty and rights of people's religious freedom are under serious threat due to dangerously increasing unbalanced population in India. The rapid decline is being witnessed in the population of the majority Hindu community in India. It is pertinent to mention here that country’s partition was done on the basis of religion in 1947. India continues to remain a secular country despite getting partition on the dead bodies of crores of Hindus. But, today India is facing the same challenge. For, the majority Hindu community has been following government’s birth control planning policy of ‘Hum Do Humare Do’. However, the other communities have been openly flouting government’s family planning policy by giving birth to too many children and thus causing imbalance in the country’s population.
The security of Hindustan is possible only when Hindu society remains a majority. That's why we have give a new slogan –

    ‘Hum Do Humare Do Toh Sabke Do’

Considering this grave challenge of population imbalance, there is a dire need to enact a stringent population control law in the country. This is the reason that the 'Bharat Bachao Sangathana’ has decided to organize 'Bharat Bachao Maha Rath Yatra' to put pressure on the central government, parliament and all political parties to bring in population control law in the country. This Maha Rath Yatra, being organized by renowned social activist and senior journalist and editor Mr. Suresh Chavanke, will create nationwide public awareness on this serious issue for the first time in country. This is also the first and historic journey organized by a non- political organization and person on any issue of national interest in the country. The 'Bharat Bachao Maha Rath Yatra' will start from Jammu on February 18, 2018 at 11 a.m. and it will pass through all the major states of the country to cover approximately 20000 kilometers of India’s terrain. The Maha Yatra will culminate in Delhi on April 22, 2018. It is estimated that there will be a direct involvement of about 25 crore people in this march. The Bharat Bachao Sangathana has made preparations to hold more than 2,000 public meetings during this Suresh Chavanke- led-yatra. The 'Bharat Bachao Maha Rath Yatra' will pass through more than 5000 cities of the country, in which more than 2 lakh villages will also be covered. During this yatra, Mr. Suresh Chavanke has set a target to raise unprecedented public support (in the forms of signature, online application and missed call) of about 10 crore people in order to demand for population control law in the country. The main stoppages for this yatra will be Jammu, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Tirupati, Bangalore, Kanyakumari, Mumbai, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Gandhinagar, Jaipur and Dehradun. The
entire yatra will be in the monitoring of satellite-based GPS-controlled cameras. There will be a convoy of about 100 vehicles in this journey. The people will be made aware about the need to bring in stringent population control law in the country through screening of short films and distribution of booklets in 22 languages during the yatra. The entire journey will be made live through the various channels of the country, and through social media platforms. More than 2000 committees have been constituted in the country to make this journey successful. Apart from thousands of workers, leaders of various social welfare and religious organizations; many senior ex-army officers are also leaving no stone unturned to make the 'Bharat Bachao Maha Rath Yatra’ a grand success. A state-of- the-art war room has been built in Delhi to monitor this sensitive journey and it will make available second by second information of the yatra. “The detailed information about this historic ‘Bharat Bachao Yatra’ is being given to the President, the Prime Minister, the Union Ministers, and the leaders of all the political parties,” Mr. Chavanke said. This journey has been receiving immense support from the religious gurus, scientists, social workers, teachers, various voluntary organizations across the country, including intelligentsia. Very soon a press conference will be organized in Delhi to give more information about the yatra.-----*

Yatra Background

Dangerous nature of population growth rate

Today, India's fast growing population has taken a monstrous form. Pre-independence census of 1941 shows that India’s population was 32 crore that increased to 36.10 crore despite partition after independence. With an increase of 20 percent in every decade, the population of the country increased more than three fold in 50 years to 121 crore in 2011. If the population continues to grow in the same manner then India’s population will rise to 133 crore by 2021 and 140 crore by 2026 and it will soon cross the Chinese population. The reason for this uncontrollable population growth rate in the country is not only a rise in the birth rate. To make the matter worse, a large number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar have settled in India in an organised manner. According to one figure, more than 5 crore illegal immigrants are currently living in the different states of the country. Due to this illegal infiltration, the demographic ratio of states like West Bengal, Assam and Kerala has become unbalanced. In many states, the majority population has become a minority. The nature of our cultural identity is being distorted.

Population growth is the biggest reason behind our backwardness

This uneven and uncontrolled increase in population is a big hurdle in the path of India's development. In spite of constant efforts, India is still at 131 st place in the Human Development Index, which is below smaller countries like Sri Lanka and Maldives. In the case of Emerging Economies, India stands at 62 nd place in 74 countries. In terms of Health Index, India is at 154 th position among 195 countries. Country’s 92 nd position among 145 countries on the Education Index is even below than the smaller countries like Nepal, Uganda and Malé. This dangerous population growth rate is the mother of serious problems like corruption, unemployment, economic inequality, illiteracy, and malnutrition. It is a hard fact that the rapid rate of
population growth will never allow India to come into the category of developed countries and the overall development of the country will not be possible.

Why is population control law necessary?

It is notable that the previous governments had started birth control campaign with the slogan of ‘Hum Do Humare Do’, but due to the lack of strictness and clarity in its implementation, the campaign’s meaningful results have not yet been achieved. Today, we have reached at such a dangerous level of population where if it is not controlled by enacting and implementing a harsh law then the integrity and sovereignty of the country will be in danger and the future generations will not forgive us. “It is a high time that instead of saying ‘Hum Do Humare Do’, we should give a new slogan ‘Hum Do Humare Do Toh Sabke Do’and implements it in the letter and spirit,” Mr. Chavanke said. Remember, this is our last fight for making a population control law in the country. If we fail to make this law now, then perhaps we will never be able to make it. Your maximum cooperation to enact this law is highly solicited.

Do you know that while you were reading this press release, more than 250 children were born in India?

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